Ghetto redhot

Key & Peele:  Yo Mama Has Health Problems
A young hood rat refuses to accept his mother's diagnosis and believes he and the doctor are in a yo mama joke battle.

 Harvard Sailing Team: Puppy Pictures
A boring dinner party takes a sudden turn when their friend loses his shit at the site of a cute puppy picture.  

16 Amazingly Terrible Christmas Cards

Click here for more cards

Accidental Chinese Hipsters 
Waaait...are we in China Town or Silver Lake? 

Chicks With Steve Buscemeys  
This site is amazing. Someone photoshopped Steve Buscemi's eyes onto the faces of female celebrities. I wish I thought of this first: 

The Fortune
My delicious pho suddenly turned sour after receiving this fortune cookie. 


Best Bloopers by Bill Dance
Here's an oldie but goodie. A collaboration of bloopers from old and uncoordinated fisherman Bill Dance. This gets better and better each time you watch it. 


Jimmy Kimmel YouTube Challenge: 
Jimmy Kimmel asked his fans to tell their kids they ate all their halloween candy and video tape it. The reactions are hysterical.

Here's my favorite response. I can't get over how cute these two little boys are!

The George Brett Story: 
Unaware that he's still mic'd after an interview, George Brett speaks on shitting his pants:

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